Mini Currículo | engenheiro | São Paulo

Mini Currículo - engenheiro - São Paulo


Working in the telecom and information technology sectors since 1982, year in which has received his Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. From 1983 to 1995 was Telecom Researcher at Telebrás (former Brazilian telecom operator holding company) Research and Development Center, period in which has worked with data communications networks, digital telephony, microelectronics and operating support systems, first as technician, than as project manager and finally as IT Manager. From 1995 to ...
Palavras Chaves: tecnologia da informação, engenharia, telecomunicações, gestão, executivo Áreas de Interesse: Gestão de Tecnologia da Informação - Gestão de Telecomunicações - Gestão Empresas de base tecnológica